About Box Hotels

Box Hotels is a new brand of unique concept hotels being one of the first hospitality chains that emphasize care for the environment by up-cycling and re-using materials to build its hotels. The first property has just come up in Baga, Goa and is called the Beach Box Hotel – Baga, Goa. The concept is by the millennials, for the millennials and the team has worked tirelessly to bring this concept to reality in less than a year. The hotel chain’s aim is to provide world class affordable hospitality with a motto to recycle, repurpose and reuse materials.

The structure of the hotel is made of used shipping containers. While 70% of the materials used in the property have been up-cycled, almost all the wood used within has been repurposed too. The concept is innovative, offering a unique blend of contemporary and innovative charm, making no compromise on design or comfort.

Location is another one of the key drivers for each of the Box Hotels. The first property couldn't have been located better – a stone’s throw away from the world famous Baga Beach in Goa and situated along the picturesque Baga River and Baga Bridge.

With the concept being highly scalable, the hotel chain plans to add many more exciting locations across the country, attracting millennial and corporate travellers looking for a getaway from hectic urban jungles and chaotic traffic.

Each of the hotels will be located in strategic locations for the perfect getaway. The hotels will include everything needed for perfect vacation – a Restaurant serving both local and global cuisine, a Bar whipping up some snazzy cocktails, a Swimming pool also made from a shipping container, 24-hour Room Service, Daily Housekeeping and much more.

We don’t want our guests cramped in a box so we will put together multiple shipping containers and re-model them in order to increase the room sizes, providing guests a comfortable stay. The rooms will be well appointed with stylish furniture and decor, comfortable memory foam mattresses, high quality linens, large windows, ceiling fans, attached bathrooms and many more amenities.

About GoSavvy

GoSavvy formerly known as SavvyMob is a Bangalore based Online Travel Agency (OTA). GoSavvy provides an on-demand mobile marketplace offering unsold hotel inventory to last minute business travellers at the lowest price. GoSavvy aims to work with SMEs and Independent Travellers, helping them save up to 50% on their hotels cost. Travel is a wonderful part of life. The places you go and the people you meet become a small portion of who you are. GoSavvy believes that travel should be a lot less hectic and has developed solutions to simplify the way you experience new places, new adventures and new travels. It all starts with seamless hotel bookings, without any deadlines.

In 2017, GoSavvy entered the owned and operated branded hospitality inventory space under the name Box Hotels (GoSavvy Collection) with its flagship property in Goa. The concept adopts up-cycling and re- using materials to build its hotels. Read more www.gosavvy.in

The Box Hotel Concept


Through the effective use of materials by up-cycling and repurposing, Box Hotel is able to drive down price and time drastically


With technology, we aim to bring a unique, affordable, tech packed and world class experience to our customers


Providing travellers a unique hospitality experience in a box

It is just an

A hospitality solution in a box



  • Lessens the impact of the use of conventional construction materials like brick, cement and wood
  • Building a ‘green’ building also saves considerable energy which is otherwise needed to melt down metal containers when scrapping
  • There are an estimated 36MM of these with around 21MM currently in use as per world shipping council
  • Helps to solve the problem of container abandonment


  • These containers are designed to hold up to 30 tons of weight and to be stacked up to seven in height; that’s ~200 tons when fully loaded
  • These containers are virtually indestructible; it’s no surprise the US army are using them as shelters!
  • They’re designed to take 4.5 on the Richter scale 24/7 while at sea with all the salts and last for about 25 years